GAZ M20 "Pobeda" custom

I have never tried myself in designing customs. But a couple of weeks ago I noted a small contest that is organized by one of the Russian customizers Alexander Ponomarenko aka Benderlog. The theme of the contest was the legendary GAZ M20 Pobeda that was produced between 1946 and 1958 and has become one of the symbols of the first post-Great Patriotic War decade.

These are the three hypothetical modifications of the car.

GAZ M20 "Pobeda" custom Sport
The first one is a sports-version that is thought to be a more powerful and rigid performance machine still keeping the style of the era. The wide wheel arches, a two-seat cabin and some of the performance-oriented details (like the questionable exhausts behind the front wheels) are designed to give the car a feeling of a proper racing tool.
GAZ M20 "Pobeda" custom Coupe
The second version is supposed to be an elegant coupe. The idea behind this one was: "How would Pobeda look like if it was designed by some of the legendary Italian coachbuilders, like Pininfarina?" The original fastback silhouette combined with a distinctive window line, a three-door cabin and wider than original wheel arches are meant to give this version a sophisticated and aristocratic look.
GAZ M20 "Pobeda" custom Wagon
The third modification is supposed to be a more utilitarian wagon-style version. The challenge of doing this one was to try and keep the shape of it as close to the original M20 as possible but at the same time make it look exclusive and different. The character of this one reminds of a vehicle that could possibly carry around some boxes of wine or could be used as a support vehicle at a cinema studio.
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