2008 Bertone sketches

This set of sketches from November 2008 is related to a dead-born proposal for the Bertone Geneva'09 showcar. It's been a strange time without a Design Director: David Wilkie has already left and Jason Castriota hasn't arrived yet. While being on 'our own' we have decided to develop several proposals that could hypothetically become a possible concept car for the upcoming Geneva show.
Bertone showcar 2008
This one has been heavily inspired by the amazing Bertone heritage and the great showcars of the past. Large and sheer surfaces are combined with technical and bold graphics making this low and wide-looking object look like a 4-door Stratos Zero.
Bertone showcar 2008
Looking back at this proposal today I can say that despite its extreme appearance, it looks pretty naive to me now.

As for the Geneva show, the studio ended up with bringing the Mantide to the Bertone stand as we all remember.
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