McLaren MP4/5

We have a nice tradition of exhibiting different car-and-car-related objects in our Honda Tokyo Studio in Harajuku. A decent number of showcars and exciting Honda products have been displayed there throughout the recent years.

Despite the fact that this showcase has seen some true rarities the exhibit for the period of October/November 2016 is by all means exceptionally special: McLaren Honda MP4/5.

It is almost impossible to explain the feelings you have when you see this amazing masterpiece in real life. Every curve and surface express the ultimate function of this engineering state of art. At the same time, the purity of shapes and perfect proportions that make it one of the most beautiful racing vehicles in the history of motorsport cannot leave you indifferent.

It's hard to underestimate how influential these types of vehicles are, especially for car designers. In order to underline the link between racing and art, and to accentuate how important McLaren Honda is for the design team of the Japanese carmaker we have decided to support this MP4/5 with some in-house artwork.

I should say that I am totally honored to have my digital paintings on the wall beside the legendary McLaren driven by the magnificent Ayrton. I've been drawing the white and red McLaren Hondas throughout all of my childhood but I have never imagined that my drawings would be hanging right next to the absolutely real MP4/5 from 1989.This could have a been a dream coming true if only I have dreamt of it. An unbelievable feeling, I should say...
McLaren MP4/5 by Vadim Artemyev
McLaren MP4/5 by Vadim Artemyev
McLaren MP4/5 @Honda Design Tokyo Studio
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