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I've been always fascinated by racing cars no matter what type of racing that was. This is why when the Suprotec Racing X Cardesign.ru The Future Is Now competition for designing a new buggy has been announced I didn't think twice. If you have a chance to design a racing vehicle, I thought, it's an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

The brief itself was pretty vague though. The general requirements were expectedly strict but at the same time the three JPG views of the frame couldn't have been considered as a particularly precise initial data that you would expect for this type of assignment. Nonetheless it was good enough for a quick sketch proposal.
McLaren MP4/5 by Vadim Artemyev
The main requirements from the organizers were to come up with a futuristic design while respecting the package constraints. I have decided to base my proposal on clean and bold surfaces to emphasize the advanced look of the vehicle. It all started with some quick doodle exploration to capture the main idea.
McLaren MP4/5 @Honda Design Tokyo Studio
The general concept was to have a very pure appearance that would give an impression of a particularly utilitarian tool.
McLaren MP4/5 @Honda Design Tokyo Studio
This type of character gives a strong impression of ultimate functionality that is essential for such an object as a racing car.
McLaren MP4/5 @Honda Design Tokyo Studio
You feel that all the surfaces are covering the chassis in the most efficient way helping to establish the impression of a serious and technologically advanced character.
McLaren MP4/5 @Honda Design Tokyo Studio
The simple yet brutal look gives you a feeling of a powerful high performance object where every surface is functional and has its particular reason.
McLaren MP4/5 @Honda Design Tokyo Studio
In order to emphasize these character features a colour break up has been introduced giving a sensation of smart functionality.
McLaren MP4/5 @Honda Design Tokyo Studio
Here's a link to the contest results with the three finalists including the winning proposal
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